of Tokopandai

Saldo Pandai

Balance storage, safer and more accurate, because Stores can get Top-Ups through Smart Agents.

Limit Pandai

Provision of Capital for Stores to assist Stores in managing store cash better so that stores can develop.

Kios Pandai

Spice up your shop by buying credit and paying bills for PLN, BPJS and Toko Pandai Exclusive Products, easily and quickly.

Proteksi Pandai

Providing Stores for Access to insurance products for shop customers, as well as protection for stores.

Dana Pandai

Allows shops access to insurance products for the fund market which can provide additional income.

Ponsel Pandai

You can get additional business opportunities by becoming a Reseller Ponsel Pandai.


for Prinsipal & Distributors

Growth The Sales

Expanding your Distribution network within out Ecosystem Facilities Stores to order more by giving them access to working capital Easy and Convenient Ordering & Fullfillment system with Order Pandai Boost the Productivity of Salesman to increase store order and acquire new store.

Better Cash Flow with Real-Time Cash Transfer

Balance from Payment Invoice Instantly transferred to Distributors Saldo Pandai in real time.

Secure Payment - Eliminate Risks

Elimate risk of payment fraud and money loss during transit.

Accurate Information

Principal and Distributors can monitor outstanding invoices and store payments accurately through the system.

Reward & Loyalty Programs

Application will provide Loyalty Program fuatures that will increase store loyalty.

Information & Sales Program

Easily accessible information about products and sales programs.


Toko Pandai

Kesiapan Operasi Medan Pekan Baru Palembang Bandar Lampung Jabodetabek Bandung Semarang Jogyakarta Malang Surabaya Denpasar Pontianak Balikpapan Banjarmasin Makassar Jayapura

Operation Centers

  • Medan
  • Palembang
  • Jakarta
  • Semarang
  • Yogyakarta
  • Surabaya
  • Tangerang
  • Bandung
  • Balikpapan
  • Makassar

Points of Services

  • Pekanbaru
  • Bandar Lampung
  • Malang
  • Denpasar
  • Pontianak
  • Banjarmasin
  • Jayapura



Toko Usman

Toko Segitiga

Toko Zalfa

Toko Usman

Toko Segitiga

Toko Zalfa


of Tokopandai

2017 : PILOT

  • PROJECT OPTIMUS PRIME: Collaboration project in Yogyakarta with Unilever and Bank Mandiri to perfect Cashless Payment Operating Model for General Trade stores.
  • PT TokoPandai Nusantara was established to enable Tokopandai to serve a variety of reputable principle and distributors and empower General Trade Store Nation Wide.

2018 : LICENSE

  • Registered to Bank Indonesia for license
  • Bank Indonesia has named Fintech startup Toko Pandai into its regulatory sandbox program. Being the first startup listed in the sandbox.TokoPandai was chosen by the central bank for being able to fulfill all eight criterias of a fintech service provider, as determined by Governor Council Regulation No: 19/14/PADG/2017 on Fintech Regulatory Sandbox.
  • Bank Indonesia announce Toko Pandai as the country first startup Co.to pass Sandbox Regulation
  • Bank Indonesia select Toko Pandai Nusantara to represent Indonesia in World Bank and IMF Forum @ Bali
  • Japan Trade Organization (JETRO) select TokoPandai to represent Indonesia start up to showcase @Tokyo Japan Event.

2019 : OPERATE

  • Got Nationwide Expansion approval from Bank Indonesia
  • Digitizing General Trade Distributors and Stores Throughtout the Nation.
  • Strategic Partnership with MITSUI & Co.Japan
  • Continuosly adding New Features to create Value to All Stakeholders
  • Partnering with several reputable institutions to give more benefits to the Digital Eco System


To create a strategy alliances with reputable principles and distributors aiming to enhance the capability and competitiveness of small to medium retail stores throughout the nation, by seamlessy connecting them to their key stakeholders via the construction of TOKOPANDAI DIGITAL PLATFORM


Let’s join the platform to boost your Growth,
Security & Productivity PLUS to help THE LITTLE GUY againts THE BIG GUY


We are not Principal of affiliated, we only want to build shared digital platform to help small to medium retail stores.

Strong Strategic Partner

Starting with the biggest FMCG and the biggest bank in the Indonesia.

Experience & Expertise

Seasoned team and solid operations strategy.

Nationwide Network

Infrastructure ready to support the operations throughout the nation.

Proven Integrity

Our Teams have more than 20 years of experience in processing and securing data for banking and finance industry.


+62 21 298 08555


Puri Imperium Office Plaza Unit LG-40
Jl. Kuningan Madya Kv 5-6 Setiabudi
Jakarta Selatan – 12980 Indonesia

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