Creating a sound and Cashless Digital Supply Chain Ecosystem

Companies are facing many pain-points that have impacted on the overall business goals. A sound ecosystem created will drive businesses to betterfocus on generating more revenue. For all the effort that companies devote to improving the performance of their distribution channels, relatively only few have unlocked the full potential of digital technologies.

Creating a sound and Cashless Digital Supply Chain Ecosystem
The Synergy for Solutions

The Synergy for Solutions

TokoPandai, a digital supply chain platform company, collaborates with FMCGs and Banks, provides platform and solutions to manage SME Retail shop distribution channels’ product transactions and payments that connects to TokoPandai’s platform and solutions and creates acashless transaction ecosystem.

Best practices of the collaboration will be introduced to the business community to help distribution channels to overcome the challenges faced in today’s digital era.

Being at the forefront of digital supply chain management solutions, TokoPandaiis here to help businesses grow, become more efficient and productive in creating asound digital ecosystem within the distribution channels and related industry.


Current conditions

Small and medium General Trade retailers are key to Indonesia’s national economic growth but they need to compete against the Big Guy, such as:

  • Hypermarket
  • Minimarket
  • E-commerce

Current conditions
The Synergy for Solutions

Limited Stores Capability


Cash based operations

The distribution of FMCG companieshave relied mostly on cash basis operation for years. Stores receive cash from customers and they will use the cash from customers to pay their invoiceto the distributors. This has increased therisk of lost money and inefficiency.

Manually Managed Stock

Small and medium general trade stores are still managed in traditional wayswhere the inventories are recordedmanually. Most of the stores do nothave proper stock management.

Requirement of Working Capital and Insurance Coverage

It is difficult for small to mediumgeneral trade stores to get workingcapital loan and insurance coveragebecause of the way they have beenoperating. The cash basis and traditional way of managing have made them unbankable. They need working capitalto grow.

Requirement of additional Revenue Channels

The abilities to provide more than just traditional consumer goods will enhance the competitiveness of small to mediumgeneral trade stores toward modern trades. They need the ability to sell both Digital and Non Digital Product.


To enhance the capability and competitiveness of small- to medium-scale retail stores by seamlessly connecting them to their key stakeholders via the construction of a digital framework

Current conditions


Why Toko Pandai ?

We are EMPOWERING, NOT Disrupting.

We Improve Process & Productivity.

We Help the Little Guy fighting against the Big Guys.

TokoPandai continuously aim for EXCELLENCE
TokoPandai provides Business to Small Business
application services with one payment platform


We are not FMCG or affiliated to FMCG , we only want to build shared digital platform to helpGT Stores.

Strong Strategic Partner

Starting with the biggest FMCG and the biggest bank in the Indonesia.

Experience & Expertise

Seasoned team and solid operations strategy.

Nationwide Network

Infrastructure ready to support the operationsthroughout the nation.

Proven Integrity

Our Group have more than 15 years of experiencein processing data for banking and finance industry.

Focus on B2 Small B

Yes ... We are diferrent..

Focus on B2 Small B

Connecting Principal FMCG, Distributors and SME GT Stores.

Protect and transform small & medium Business indisruptive digitalization age

Empowering ecosystem community (especially Women and Senior citizen).

Provides advice & information Financial literacy

Acknowledgement from Indonesia’s Central Bank as Regulator

Bank Indonesia named TokoPandai as the first startup listed in its regulatory sandbox program

as of 17 Jul 2018 according to Letter of Bank Indonesia No. 20/267/DKSP Srt/B TokoPandai has successfully passed the regulatory sandbox program

  • Representing Indonesia startup to ASEAN Startup Seminar by JETRO (JAPAN TRADE ORGANIZATION)@ TOKYO - Sep 2018.
  • Representing Indonesia start up to IMF and World Bank 2018 Annual Meeting Event @ BALI - Oct 2018.

Acknowledgement from Indonesia’s Central Bank as Regulator

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